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Our History

Creston Baptist Church was started in 1962 when Reverend R. Milbrandt came from Alberta to look for a place to build a new church in Creston. The church met in different venues in the town of Creston. From there the fellowship grew until in December of 1966, we became a duly organized Baptist Church and were accepted into the Northern Conference of the General Council of the North American Baptists.  

In June of 1967, ground was broken at the corner of Ash Street and 25th for the building in which we now meet.  In 1969, the church building was completed and dedicated. The vacant lot next to the church was purchased for a parking lot.  

Creston Valley Christian School was founded in 1976, opening with 30 students in attendance. By 1990, the Christian School was operating independently of the church, but was still using our facility, but closed its doors in that year.  

In 1976, it was voted to begin a building program to add a large addition to the original structure.  The addition was completed in 1978, containing offices, washrooms, a new entrance, classrooms, kitchen, and a gymnasium.    A new kitchen was built in 1985, and then renovated in 2018.   In 1989, the gym was renovated to its present standards. 

We continue to meet faithfully in the building with which God has blessed us.  We look forward to welcoming you to our church building and to opening our hearts and homes to you as well!