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Seniors' Ministry

Our Seniors' Ministry holds events throughout the year!  Each month, except July and August, a Seniors' Fellowship Lunch is held in our lower floor on the third Thursday at 10:30 am.  This is sometimes a potluck lunch, and sometimes it is all provided!  A time of music and fellowship followed by a delicious meal.  All seniors are welcome to join by letting us know that you will be there!  

Our new lift is fully  installed and makes access available to all.   Please park on the south side of the building to avoid any stairways.   The elevator door is indicated by a hanging sign.  Press the button to bring the lift down to this door.  The door will open automatically and allow you ample time to enter the lift.  Press the button, and hold, for the floor you require.  The outer door will close, again automatically, and the lift will proceed to your selected floor.  If you release the button, the lift will stop.  Hold the button until the lift arrives at your floor.  The door will open and you can proceed safely out.  

For more information about upcoming events, call the church office at 250-428-7547.